Dublin City Canals Study 2010canalsstudycover

The Grand Canal Subgroup was established following recommendations outlined in the Dublin City Canal Study 2010.

This study was commissioned by Waterways Ireland in co-operation with Dublin City Council, Fáilte Ireland and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority.

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A case for conservation of the Graving docks at Ringsend

Construction of the Ringsend graving docks commenced in 1792 resulting in a grand and well documented opening ceremony in September 1796. Upon opening, these docks were the largest wet docks ever built. Though well conceived and as will be highlighted by this thesis, well constructed, these docks were doomed to fail even before they opened due to a plethora of foreseen and unforeseen circumstances.

By providing a complete overview of the construction methods, renowned engineers and materials utilised, it is the intention to highlight how this remarkable piece of industrial heritage has left its mark, not only in engineering terms but its intrinsic association with important social and historical events of Ireland.

Though they are a now shadow of their former self, this thesis aims to argue their cause for revival and rebirth. Through potential adaptive re-use and social regeneration, there is no reason why these great docks cannot thrive once more.