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This website is intended to act as a first port of call for anyone and everyone with an interest in The Grand Canal as it runs through Dublin.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this website, you might wish to look at our “Other Canal Sites” section which lists a whole range of websites which may be of use to anyone with an interest in The Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal has so much to offer………You can walk, run, cycle or canoe it.  You can dine aboard a working barge as it navigates through  canal locks or treat yourself to a picnic from Thursday and Friday canal bank food markets.

History lovers will enjoy the “Lets Walk and Talk” groups which  offer free weekly walking tours along the Grand Canal while noone could be immune to the colourful drama provided daily by the ducks, moorhens and swans who make their home here.

For more information about who created and runs this website, please see below:

Background to this Grand Canal Website

This  website is created and maintained by a Grand Canal working group comprising members of Dublin City Council, Waterways Ireland. some voluntary groups and some local businesses.

Grand Canal Working Group

In January 2010,  a report called  “Dublin City Canals” was published by Scott Wilson.

This report had been jointly commissioned by Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland, with a view to generating a plan for the overall investment in and development of The Grand and Royal Canals within Dublin City. ,

This report recommended that two multi agency working groups be set up: One group to deal with the Grand Canal and one group to deal with the Royal canal.

The Grand Canal working group, for example, is composed of members from Dublin City Council, Waterways Ireland, the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland, the floating barge restaurant “La Peniche” and a local community Clean Up group.

The purpose of this working group is to ensure that The Grand Canal is maintained to the highest possible standard and that it offers the maximum amenity values to everyone who uses it.  This group  consists of:

Bruce Phillips – Chairperson, Assistant Area Manager with Dublin City Council
Brian Kirk – Senior official Dublin City Council
Sid Daly – Official Dublin City Council
Brian Lyons – Official Dublin City Council
Mick Kinahan – Inland Waterways Association of Ireland
Sam Corbett – Irish Ship and Barge Fabrication
Micheal O Cionna – Liffey River Cruises
John O’Neill – Operator of the Cadhla Barge
Stephanie Dooley – Friends of the Grand Canal
Eric Conroy – Dolphin’s Barn Environmental Group

Would you like to contact the Grand Canal Working Group?

If you would like to contact the Grand Canal Working Group, please e-mail: dublincitycanals@dublincity.ie

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  1. summer breeze

    Hi can you help
    I was at the information evening in griffith college on behalf of the drimnagh forum . I found it very interesting . I forgot to sign the sign in sheet and Would welcome more information about the festa art event and also who is the contact around sure bridge to black horse regarding clean ups as we are having our festival on the 18th and 19 of may with a funday in the good council grounds and it be good to have a link for future events


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